Here at River Oaks Pharmacy, we are offering a brand-new technology! It is our mission to provide you with the absolute best patient care. We incorporated a device called Cognivue Thrive. Thrive is a 5-7-minute self-administered cognitive screener. One of the unique features is that the screen calibrates individually. Talk about innovative!
Cognivue Thrive is used to provide a baseline for Mild Cognivue Impairment (MCI). However, this is not diagnostic. We know that there are many things that may affect our cognition. Some of those modifiable risk factors include hearing loss, traumatic brain injuries, diabetes, and lifestyle habits. This screening takes a deeper look into the three domains of the brain – memory, visuospatial, and executive functioning. With having a closer look at these domains, we are then able to provide you with a better treatment plan. 
Offering it at this pharmacy allows us to have a better look at how you process information. By being able to understand this we can then make better recommendations. Some of these recommendations may include brain health supplements, a wellness bundle or even medication management.

River Oaks Pharmacy is currently offering a FREE test Until end of April 2024.

- Non-invasive
- Testing motor skills
- The first FDA cleared digital cognitive screening device.

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